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Table Description: temperature pressure and element abundance in planetary atmosphere.

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Resource Description: This database displays the temperature vertical profiles in Titan's atmosphere at nine different latitudes between 100 and 500 km. These profiles were retrieved from the infrared spectra acquired by the Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS) aboard the Cassini spacecraft. The retrieval method and the description of the used dataset is detailed by Vinatier et al., 2009, Analysis of Cassini/CIRS limb spectra of Titan acquired during the nominal mission. I: Hydrocarbons, nitriles and CO2 vertical mixing ratio profiles, Icarus, in press. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2009.08.013

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  title={Abundance Vertical Profile at Titan with Cassini/{CIRS}},
  author={Observatoire de Paris - {LESIA}},
  url={To be define},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {PADC} {TAP} Server on}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
access_estsize Access_estsize Estimate file size in kB. kbyte phys.size;meta.file
access_format Access_format file format type. N/A meta.code.mime
access_url Access_url URL of the data files. N/A meta.ref.url
bib_reference Bib_reference Extra: bibliograpic reference N/A meta.bib
c1_resol_max C1_resol_max Max resolution on longitude deg pos.resolution;stat.max
c1_resol_min C1_resol_min Min resolution on longitude deg pos.resolution;stat.min
c1max C1max Max (easternmost) longitude on planetary surface deg pos;stat.max
c1min C1min Min (westernmost) longitude on planetary surface deg pos;stat.min
c2_resol_max C2_resol_max Max resolution on latitude deg pos.resolution;stat.max
c2_resol_min C2_resol_min Min resolution on latitude deg pos.resolution;stat.min
c2max C2max Max latitude on planetary surface deg pos;stat.max
c2min C2min Min latitude on planetary surface deg pos;stat.min
c3_resol_max C3_resol_max Max resolution in third coordinate N/A pos.resolution;stat.max
c3_resol_min C3_resol_min Min resolution in third coordinate N/A pos.resolution;stat.min
c3max C3max Max of third coordinate (altitude) km pos;stat.max
c3min C3min Min of third coordinate (altitude) km pos;stat.min
creation_date Creation_date Creation date of entry N/A time.creation
dataproduct_type Dataproduct_type Organization of the data product (from enumerated list) N/A meta.code.class
emergence_max Emergence_max Max emergence angle deg pos.posAng;stat.max
emergence_min Emergence_min Min emergence angle deg pos.posAng;stat.min
granule_gid Granule_gid Group identifier, identical for similar data products N/A
granule_uid Granule_uid Granule unique identifier, provides direct access N/A
incidence_max Incidence_max Max incidence angle (solar zenith angle) deg pos.posAng;stat.max
incidence_min Incidence_min Min incidence angle (solar zenith angle) deg pos.posAng;stat.min
instrument_host_name Instrument_host_name Standard name of the observatory or spacecraft N/A;instr.obsty
instrument_name Instrument_name Standard name of instrument N/A;instr
local_time_max Local_time_max Max local time (angle to the solar meridian / 24) h time.phase;stat.max
local_time_min Local_time_min Min local time (angle to the solar meridian / 24) h time.phase;stat.min
measurement_type Measurement_type UCD(s) defining the nature of measurements N/A meta.ucd
modification_date Modification_date Date of last modification of entry N/A time.update
obs_id Obs_id Identical for data products related to the same original data N/A
phase_max Phase_max Max phase angle deg pos.phaseAng;stat.max
phase_min Phase_min Min phase angle deg pos.phaseAng;stat.min
processing_level Processing_level Level of calibration (CODMAC level) N/A meta.code;obs.calib
publisher Publisher publiher of the ressource N/A
release_date Release_date Start of public period N/A time.release
s_region S_region STC-S region N/A phys.outline;obs.field
service_title Service_title Title of the ressourcee N/A meta.title
solar_longitude Solar_longitude the Sun-Planet vector angle counted from the planet position at N hemisphere spring equinox deg pos.posAngle
spatial_frame_type Spatial_frame_type Defines the nature of coordinates (from enumerated list) N/A meta.code.class;pos.frame
species Species molecules or species N/A;phys.atmol
spectral_range_max Spectral_range_max Max spectral range (frequency) Hz em.freq;stat.max
spectral_range_min Spectral_range_min Min spectral range (frequency) Hz em.freq;stat.min
spectral_resolution_max Spectral_resolution_max Max spectral resolution (as frequency) Hz spect.resolution;stat.max
spectral_resolution_min Spectral_resolution_min Min spectral resolution (as frequency) Hz spect.resolution;stat.min
spectral_sampling_step_max Spectral_sampling_step_max max pectral sampling step (as frequency) Hz em.freq.step;stat.max
spectral_sampling_step_min Spectral_sampling_step_min min spectral sampling step (as frequency) Hz em.freq.step;stat.min
target_class Target_class type of target from enumerated list N/A meta.code.class;src
target_name Target_name Name of target (IAU standard) N/A;src
target_region Target_region region of interest from a predifine list N/A;class
thumbnail_url Thumbnail_url URL of a thumbnail image N/A meta.ref.url;meta.file
time_exp_max Time_exp_max Max integration time s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.max
time_exp_min Time_exp_min Min integration time s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.min
time_max Time_max Acquisition stop time (in JD) d time.end
time_min Time_min Acquisition start time (in JD) d time.start
time_sampling_step_max Time_sampling_step_max Max time sampling step s time.interval;stat.max
time_sampling_step_min Time_sampling_step_min Min time sampling step s time.interval;stat.min
time_scale Time_scale Time scale, constant for data services = UTC N/A time.scale

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